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Hermes Cup Holder

This is a thing you may never expect to see. The luxury Hermes produces a luxury product like Hermes Cup Holder. Definitely, this is for a Hermes brand followers who would like to have another Hermes product in their collection. [...]

Modalu Handbag-Pippa laptop portfolio case

This is an excellent Modalu handbag-Pippa laptop portfolio case is a chic way to carry your laptop around, whilst wearing Modalu’s signature range. With statement zips and classic styling the Pippa portfolio is a must have this season.

Modalu Handbag Pippa [...]

Louise Vuitton Handbags-Speedy 35

Why you should own Louise Vuitton Handbags-Speedy 35?

1. In the world of designer handbags, they’re relatively affordable: Despite the fact that the price of a Speedy has gone up by over $100 for a few years ago, this Louise Vuitton [...]

Welcom to Bags Magazine

For people like us who have been searching for a bag to match with a dress. This is a bag blog which I will put all my shopping research about bags. We hope we could share this information with other [...]