Tote Handbag – B. MAKOWSKY Women’s Bailey Tote

It always takes me a moment to warm up to a new tote handbag War. B. Makowsky is an extremely well-established Tote Handbag B. MAKOWSKY Womens Bailey Tote 217x300 Tote Handbag   B. MAKOWSKY Womens Bailey Totefashion house, but its never been known for its handbags, and any brand charging well into the four figures out of the gate deserves a close inspection. Luckily, bags like the B. Makowsky Women’s Bailey Tote pass with flying colors.

About B. Makowsky

Bruce Makowsky is not a newcomer to the industry by any means. He ran his own handbag company and was president of a major corporation where he developed the company into a $200 million business along with the design inspiration of his wife Kathy (of Kathy Van Zeeland fame). B. Makowsky handbags are defined by a signature leather tassel in addition to chunky satin-finished hardware and signature paisley lining. Zippers and pockets create function without bulk. Colors include simple blacks, browns and ivory with pops of fresh colors such as red, denim, saffron and tangerine.

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