Olivia Harris 22274 Tote

Olivia Harris 22274 Tote is one of the best selling totes from Olivia Harris handbag collection 2012. Olivia Harris 22274 Tote is made from nylon material with nylon lining. The handbag also has a shoulder drop style to give you more comfort when carrying the handbag on your shoulder. We like the high quality of this material with unique look which is well-known from Olivia Harris products. The handbag gives a combination of classic and trendy sense. The tote has a roomy space for your daily stuff like a cell phone, iPad and make-ups  Olivia Harris 22274 Tote is perfect for both day and night events when you want to have a classic and trendy appearance. The tote is available in 2 color styles; Natural and Red color.

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Olivia Harris 22274 Tote 1 Olivia Harris 22274 ToteOlivia Harris 22274 Tote 2 Olivia Harris 22274 Tote

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Description of Olivia Harris 22274 Tote

  • Nylon lining
  • 10.5″ high x 14″ wide x 6.75″ deep
  • 4.5″ shoulder drop

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