Foley Corinna Lady Tote

Foley Corinna Lady Tote is a famous tote from Foley+Corinna handbag collection 2012. Foley Corinna Lady Tote is made from foil stamped linen with fabric lining which gives a smooth touch and unique classic look as well-known from Foley+Corinna products. We really like the unique design and high quality of material which makes the tote contemporary classic but fashionable design. Lady Tote has a shoulder drop style to give you more comfort when carrying the tote on your shoulder. The tote also has a magnetic clasp closure to secure your lovely belongings. It is perfect for both day and evening events when you want to have a unique and classic appearance. Foley Corinna Lady Tote comes with 3 color styles to match with your dresses; Bronze Metalllic Crocodile, Electric Blue and Fushia color.

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Foley Corinna Lady Tote 1 Foley Corinna Lady ToteFoley Corinna Lady Tote 2 Foley Corinna Lady ToteFoley Corinna Lady Tote 3 Foley Corinna Lady Tote

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Description of Foley Corinna Lady Tote

  • Foil stamped linen
  • Fabric lining
  • 8.25″ high x 13″ wide x 3.75″ deep
  • 16.75″ shoulder drop
  • Magnetic clasp closure

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