BagsMagazine.com (BMZ) began when my friend, Betty, and I realized that we spent a lot of time searching and looking for stylish women bags. We did many researching on both magazines and bag web blogs. We ask ourselves Why not publish all this information online so that other bag lovers could take advantage?

For bag lovers who love bags jut not hyped up or phony bags that just look good on a store shelf. For the persons who are not interested in buying just a fancy name. What we focus on is a bag that will seamlessly fit into our lives and make our day to day easier. We care about bags that make us feel good when we pick them up in the morning and make us walk a little taller while carrying them. Bags that can make us feel good. If you are looking for the same, then you’ve come to the right place.

BMZ is founded by Betty Loski and myself Anita Baker, who are still everyday searching for that perfect women bags. Please contact us if you have any bag questions or comments. If you are selling bags please feel free to post them on our site.

BMZ got started in NYC, New York where many women are carrying brand name bags and where the shopping is wonderful for bag lovers.


Betty & Anita

Fashion Avenue, New York

Email: us@bagsmagazine.com


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